Since the construction of our dorms, we also have a sanitary room in the school. These toilets and showers may only be used by the children staying in boarding school. This is mainly to avoid premature wear, but also because the sanitary block is not sufficient for all 200 students who currently attend school.

For the day students there is a separate toilet block. This wooden structure has a floor with holes in it and a large pit underneath. You may imagine it as kind of primitive squat toilets. The block is divided into three separate parts: one for boys, one for girls and one for the teachers.

We off course want to preserve the safety of the children and absolutely prevent someone could fall into the pit. The wooden floor needs to be replaces regularly because it starts to rot again every time. Also, this situation is not hygienic at all. Especially the smaller kids sometimes miss the holes when they go to the toilet. Therefore, we want to provide a decent washroom in the future that can easily be maintained and kept safe.

A first step in this direction was taken in early 2017 when we provided two urinals at different sides of the school domain. These will be completely tiled so they can be easily washed. Also, the wooden toilets will be used less from now on.

In the coming years we want to completely replace the wooden construction. We are planning on building a decent sanitary building behind our dorm rooms. This way we can use the existing water- and drainage system. In this block we will place some squat toilets because they are easier to maintain. Everything will be completely tiled as well. Financial support for this project is already very welcome!